• About Me Hello! My name is Blue Buru and I'm the owner and founder of this site. I created this site in August 2008. You can usually find me on Tundra, my favourite server. My favourite game on Club Penguin is Hydro Hopper. If you have any questions about graphics or anything else, ask me on twitter or send me an email.
  • About Me Hello! My name is Martyn6262 and I'm the second president of Club Penguin Reporter. I quit Club Penguin about a year ago, as I started to find it boring and a bit stupid. But now after discussing with Blueburu66, we decided to come back as we missed blogging. My penguin is now over 1000 days old. My favourite server is Tundra, and my favourite game would definetly be Aqua Grabber.
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Club Penguin Reporter

Hello Penguins!

Guess what? Blue Buru and Martyn6262 are back – with the Club Penguin Reporter! The site will be going under major development. This means brand new pages, widgets, graphics and more! This cannot be possible without your support. We need you penguins out there to spread the word! Thank you for all your support over the years. You are why we came back!

-Blue Buru